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Lisbon, CT


Drawing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My desire to paint has been filled through the use of state of the art computer programs that emulate actual brush strokes.
I worked many years as a graphic artist, manipulating wallpaper motifs for various textile companies. By combining that graphic knowledge with computer technology I am now able to create mixed media paintings that reflect my love of the human and animal image as well as land and seascape design.
I use, as reference, photographs I have taken of my local area and Cape Cod. Billowy clouds over the ocean and tall grasses blowing in the dune breezes are favorite subjects of mine.
My paintings are done by hand digitally.The artwork is "painted" by hand using a remote stylus on a Wacom tablet. The advanced software allows my hand strokes to create brush strokes complete with brush hair lines that replicate an actual oil painting. I then have my creations printed on canvas or linen. Each finished painting has all the appeal of an actual oil, minus the high price.
For the last two years I have been the Chief Artistic Editor for Paint Your Life.
I now work exclusively for myself and want to continue to produce contemporary graphic portraits that I am renowned for. Commissioned portraits of people or pets are my specialty. I love to create a painting that gives pleasure to the viewer. My artistry is constantly evolving.
I own and operate Seabreeze Studio in Lisbon, CT.
Fineartamerica provides you the opportunity to select the paintings you want to purchase, in the size you prefer, matted and framed if you wish. Contact me for special orders and commissions.



Sunset Thru the Grass by Sue Brehant


Pamet Harbor Sunset by Sue Brehant


Balston Sunrise by Sue Brehant


Abraham Lincoln by Sue Brehant


Abraham Lincoln by Sue Brehant


Bayside Retreat2 by Sue Brehant


Bayside Retreat by Sue Brehant


Momentum by Sue Brehant


Deep Blue by Sue Brehant


Porch View by Sue Brehant


Daybreak by Sue Brehant


Marsh Sunset by Sue Brehant


Tower Aglow by Sue Brehant


Barack Obama Presidential Poster by Sue Brehant


Russell by Sue Brehant


Beachgirl by Sue Brehant


Beachbum by Sue Brehant


Water lily by Sue Brehant


Summer Garden by Sue Brehant


Rhododendron by Sue Brehant


Iris by Sue Brehant


Cone Flower - Rudbeckia by Sue Brehant


Blue Flower by Sue Brehant


Atka Arctic Grey Wolf by Sue Brehant


Cindy by Sue Brehant


Jack Nicholson by Sue Brehant


Lisbon CT Historical Society Ladies by Sue Brehant


Blissville Falls by Sue Brehant